Vacuum Excavation & Subsurface Potholing

Vacuum Excavation

Hydro excavation uses pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum process to loosen, move and remove soil. The work is completed via specialized trucks equipped with water and a high-powered vacuum mechanism. A key benefit over traditional excavation, hydro excavation services can be done incrementally with delicate and precise movement that virtually eliminates the ground without the potential hazards of utility damage or service interruption, verifying the depth, size or type of existing underground utilities, a process sometimes referred to as “potholing”.

Subsurface Potholing

Also referred to as daylighting in the business of landscaping, subsurface potholing allows our crew to locate underground utility lines, cables, or gas lines. Potholing helps gauge the exact position of any underground obstructions to avoid disturbing them during landscaping or construction. Done as a precaution prior to breaking ground, subsurface potholing is an integral part of the process to ensure accuracy and safety.

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