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DGreen is proud to quality workmanship for your drilling and excavation needs.

Reduce Landscape Disturbances

Thanks to directional drilling, DGreen can reduce how much the surrounding landscape is affected or disturbed by our work. Directional drilling is especially useful for utility installation, so give us a call for non-vertical drilling needs.

Accommodate Your Budget

We believe every project is important regardless of the budget. Each of our jobs is crafted to fit the needs, style, and budget of our client.

Knowledgeable & Experienced Service

For excavation, drilling, irrigation, and more, DGreen serves the Wasatch Front. Our team has years of experience in both commercial and residential drilling and excavation.


We always show respect for the property when we’re working. We communicate with Blue Stakes of Utah to ensure awareness of all power and gas lines in the area, and we aim to work around existing sprinkler lines, grass, or vegetation.

Our professional crew is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. The work we provide is tailored to fit the needs, style, and budget of every client we have the opportunity to serve.

Instead of drilling or boring straight into the earth, DGreen offers directional drilling services. This means we approach the earth at an angle, and/or drill horizontally once underground. Not only does this reduce the amount of disturbance to the landscape around the work site, but it provides exceptional access for the next step of the job, whether it be laying sprinklers or utility cable.

For both commercial and residential excavation projects, contact DGreen. We can move massive loads of excavated material so you don’t have to. Our services are ideal for utility installation, civil construction, or for simply leveling your yard to prep for more work.

Vacuum excavation allows us to loosen up soil before commencing non-mechanical excavation projects. If you need to locate utilities or other pipelines, subsurface potholing allows us to expose existing lines or obstructions before excavation.

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